White Sage Ayurveda Soap

White sage is mystical and so is this soap. This soap infuses White Sage oil with a great combination of nutritious flower and plant extracts like Liquorice, Reeth and Aloe Vera. It works to make your skin healthy from within. It unclogs skin pores and lets your skin breath better. The moisturising play makes your skin supple and refreshed. White Sage holds a reputation for the glow instilling effects on the skin . Your skin naturally gleams owing to the adaptation of ancient Ayurveda texts for the formation of this soap. It ensures the retention of the nutritional benefits of each condiment. Say hello to refreshed, rejoiced and relaxed skin with this redolent soap!


Key Benefits-

  • Hand-made using only 100% natural ingredients
  • Paraben, sulfate and silicone-free soap
  • Based on ancient Ayurveda Recipes
  • Certified organic vegetable oils
  • No harmful chemicals and additives.
  • Reinstills lustrous appearance.
  • Long-lasting wonderful aroma of White Sage