get out mosquito repellent sticks

People try all sorts of techniques to combat the attack of mosquitos. From burning cow dung to spraying themselves, none of these remedies has actually been tested to keep mosquitos at bay. Mosquitos shouldn’t be taken as a light affair. Even though they seem meek and tiny they are potentially dangerous. Mosquitos won’t quit whining in your ears; they’ll suck your blood and fed you up with scratching. Moreover, mosquitos are potent carriers of some of the most dangerous diseases. 

World-renowned brand ‘Aromatika‘ brings to you a safe but potent product to resolve this issue for once and for all, the ‘Get Out Garden Sticks.’

Get Out Sticks are genius formulations made keeping in mind the bad influence of mosquitoes. These sticks are made using 100% pure Java Grade Citronella Oil.

Citronella Oil has a sweet, citrusy scent. Citronella is a mosquito repellant essential oil. When lit, the natural mosquito repellent stick clears the space with a clear, refreshing aroma while opposing mosquitos. These sticks are DEET-free. DEET is a chemical which acts as an active ingredient in many insect repellents. Citronella Oil acts as a natural alternative for this chemical. It is highly effective in driving these tiny creatures away. 

When lit, each stick lasts upto around 50 minutes and spreads its aroma up to 500 sq feet.

Get Out Sticks act as mosquito repellants indoors as well as outdoors. Light these sticks on the patio for a mosquito-free environment. Sit while enjoying a nice cup of tea in your garden or work in peace at your office or home without worrying about those blood-suckers!

One pack of Aromatika Get Out Sticks contains 15 pouches each carrying within themselves a total of ten sticks. That means a total of 150 sticks in 1 box.

Enjoy the vibrancy of every weather without worrying about mosquitos!

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