Who We Are…

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Nature’s charm needs to be experienced in its purest form. Consumers in today’s world seek natural products to deepen their organic and spiritual experience and appreciate life from the core of the heart, Aromatika Inc. proudly stand apart as the perfect, pure, and holistic solution. We are exporters and suppliers of a wide range of high-quality natural products ranging from organic beauty products, incense related products to crafts manufactured in the land soaked in the beauty of nature, India.


Incense eliminates all negative energies from the surroundings and sublimates the atmosphere filling it with divinity, purity, and spirituality. Aromatika brings you a wide range of high-quality Incense sticks, Incense Dhoop Sticks, Incense Cones, Aromatika Hexa Incense, Natural Incense Sticks, Perfumed Incense Sticks, Dhoop moist, etc


The goodness and richness of naturally grown herbs and oils remain triumphant in the world of skincare. Our elaborate range of toxicity- free, homegrown natural beauty products includes Organic Hair Masks, Essential Oils, Organic Lip Balms, Organic Soaps, Hair Oils, Ayurveda Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Clear Sugar Soaps, etc.


Beauty and aroma together spell unparalleled bliss. We offer a wide variety of smart incense burners crafted uniquely crafted to give alluring and aromatic experiences including Backflow Fountains, Singing Bells and Bowls, Aromatika Healing Stones, Aroma Oil Burners, Incense Accessories, etc.

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Our Collections…

We proudly present a wide range of well distinguished products to cater your every need. An elaborate range of supreme quality Incense Dhoop Sticks, Incense Cones, Aromatika Hexa Incense, Natural Incense Sticks, Perfumed Incense Sticks, etc are manufactured keeping in mind the stupefying effects of Aroma. Our large assortment of organic beauty products ranges from skin care, hair care, lips care to bath and shower. We are a one stop solution to looking your best in a safe and healthy manner. Our elite range of essential oils like Basil, Cinnamon, Bergamot, etc are a must have. We have an exclusive range of handmade soaps including Ayurveda Soaps, Clear Sugar Soaps, Premium Silk Soaps, etc proven to be the best way to take care of your skin. Our organic lip balms have several variants to suit your taste and style. Our huge range of hair care products like Organic Hair Masks, Hair Oils, Henna Powders, etc are a complete solution to your every problem. We also bring to you an incredible line of handmade crafts including Backflow Fountains, Singing Bells and Bowls, Spiritual Books, Aromatika Healing Stones, etc. designed intricately to enhance the alleviation and intensify the aesthetics.

Our Vision…

To become the Earth’s most admired multifarious organization which delivers only the safest, and quality products for human use, using innovative organic ingredients and processes. Our vision is to have a remarkable impact on the growth of natural products marketplace where safe and environmentally conscious products sustain. We aspire to become a one-stop solution to all organic beauty, aromatic accessories, or aromatic craft-related queries.

Our Mission…

  • To build a platform association with which becomes a matter of pride.
  • We aim on delivering only the best products and overall experience to our customers.
  • We aim on giving the maximum returns to our shareholders.
  • The development and empowerment of our employees.
  • Develop strategies with our partner to enhance our quality of work.

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